On and Off Site Computer Repairs
We can visit your residence or business to troubleshoot computer hardware and software faults. Did you know 90% of repairs can be fixed on the first visit.
Virus, Trojan & Malware Removal
With Broadband internet becoming popular, computers tend to get infected on a regular basis. We can remove viruses, trojans, adware, popups and Malware from your computer.
Internet, Network & Wireless Setup

If your home or office has more than one computer, we can help with networking (connecting them together) so you can share files, printers and internet connections. We will also troubleshoot and repair any networking faults.
PC Maintenance

Over time your desktop and laptop computers will require maintenance. We can provide regular servicing to give your computer a longer life, therefore saving you money.We can supply any computing equipment required for home and/or business, including building customized pc’s to your specifications.